Zynga Poker – A Teenage Sensation on Facebook

Zynga poker  is one of the most popular games on Facebook. When I first started using Facebook about 1 year ago, I immediately noticed that most of my friends were  playing  Texas Hold’m Zynga Poker. I was getting  5 – 10 poker related invites each day. Even though I never played poker and thought it was an adult game, I felt I should try the game out since everyone else seemed to be playing. 

As I started playing I noticed it’s not that hard to play poker and I was able to learn quickly with Zynga. I was playing with my friends for about 30 minutes each day and then another 30 minutes with other people I did not know. In the game, the goal is to earn as many poker chips as you can by playing different kind of games; Regular Texas hold’m, Shootout (my favorite), weekly tournament and Sit ‘n’ Go.

I log in every day and play until I lose all of my chips. You can buy chips with a credit card but I have never done that. I just use the daily lottery which gets me about 100$ – 10,000$ chips each day for free. I log in to the game every day to play the lottery and get chips, but I don’t play as much as I used to. For a while, my mom blocked me from being able to play and told me i was too young to play Poker. But the web filter she used would not allow me to use Facebook at all when she blocked the poker so she agreed to remove it. I think she knows I am not getting addicted to gambling just becuase Ii play Texas Hold’m on the computer.

The way the game works is cool. In every table there is a chat box in order to communicate with the other players., Usually the chat is used just for saying things like “everybody go all in!” or “lol”. I use the chat rarely.

 Today, I play the game about an hour per week, most of the time just going all in and trying to get chips as fast as I can. My friends and I sometimes get together at my house or someone else’s house and play real poker with chips or candy, but not for real money. I don’t think of myself as a gambler but I would like to visit a real casino to see what it is like.

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