Who is Jordan?

Jordan is a 14 year old friendly, bright, athletic boy who loves computers. He is into gaming, downloading music, watching videos and is also interested in the technical side of computing. He attended an e-camp last summer to learn a bit more about programming and has become the computer technician for his family, taking care of their 3 family computers and 4 work computers located in his parent’s home office. He even started his own business by offering friends to program their ipod Touch and quickly gained a reputation for knowing everything about the device.
Jordan is active on Facebook and other sites that are geared to recruiting kids to market products online. He is online every day, but not every waking hour. Sometimes his parents yell that he spends too much time online, but they keep an eye on him and make sure he is always offline by 10pm.
At the same time, we think Jordan has taken a healthy approach to the Internet and has succeeded to keep it in perspective. He is into sports and a very social kid who prefers “real’ gatherings with friends over virtual meetings. He views Facebook as simply another communication tool and a convenient way to stay in touch, he plays several network games but never becomes obsessed and in general, balances his life online well with life offline.

We invited Jordan to start a blog – to write about the things online that interest him, tell us about some games and how they have succeeded to become so popular and to keep us on our toes about the upcoming trends and things to watch out for when our kids go online.

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