Teenage Confessions: Life Would be Better Without Internet

The Internet is a very big part of my life, and when I imagine life without it, it seems very boring. Without the internet it would be much harder to communicate with friends. I would have to call them or meet them in order to be in touch and make plans. Now, all I need to do is log on to Facebook or Messenger and start chatting with a few friends at a time. Sometimes it is just so we can plan to meet and do something together and sometimes it is just to talk and pass the time. I like to stay up late and chat with friends but my parents have put a timer on my computer so that it shuts down by 10pm. A lot of my friends make fun of me about that. I guess I  have to admit that it helps me get to bed at a normal hour. I really don’t need to be chatting with friends at night before i see them the next morning at school.

Without the Internet, I would not be able to listen to a song without buying the whole album. It would be a lot harder to learn about new music or bands that are not played on the radio. I also keep updated about  movies and even books that I would like via several websites that I know will give me good advice.
Without the Internet, the computer would be useless and I would get very bored with it.
But when I take a few minutes to think about it, about what my life would be like if I never had an internet connection and the Internet was not part of my daily life, I would probably spend much more time with my friends outside of our houses and play more sports. I would also probably watch much more TV and go to the movies more often. Now I see many movies at home, alone.
The thing that I would miss the most about the internet is Google, the easiest way to find information and websites.
Without the internet, everybody’s life would be healthier and people would be happier and  more physically active. But the only way that would happen is if the Internet was never invented.

Still, there are many good things about having the Internet as a regular part of life. I think that my generation really benefits from being able to access information about anything at anytime. It makes us smarter than our parents were at our age.  For some kids, I see they may be getting addicted to the Internet and i think that parents do need to place limits. I get mad when my parents tell me I have spent enough time online or use software to automatically shut down my computer. But I understand and do not want the Internet to become the only thing I do in life. Still, my friends and family take priority and humans are more interesting than web sites!

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