Am I a Gamer?

I don’t think of myself as a gamer and I don’t really meet the criteria of a gamer. Sometimes when I have just played or am really bored at school, I start thinking about playing only war games and imagine how the game will go. But when it comes down to what I prefer to do and what I really like to do, I always prefer friends over computer games.

I have one friend that does not have many after-school activities and sometimes plays over 4 hours per day. During the summer, he was home for the entire 2 months with no organized activities and  he played for as much12 hours a couple of days! I can’t imagine doing  that. I would get bored.

 Sometimes in school I talk to my friends about the games if we played together the day before. We discuss the game and how each of us played and cool things that happened. But it is not the main thing we talk about. Lately, when I feel like playing I usually call a friend to see if he wants to play.

I never really had a fight with a friend about a game but sometimes we argue about who is better or what really happened; it can get ugly :-)

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