A Teen’s Favorite iPhone Apps

When I turned 13 last year, my aunt bought me a first generation iPod Touch. Since getting the iPod Touch, I’ve been using it almost every day. I use it for music, games, chat, podcasts and sometimes for watching movies on the go. I have downloaded about 300 apps in total and about 250 of them were free apps. I only use  3 of the apps on a daily basis and there are about 10 more apps that I  use regularly, but not every day.

I like games like the famous Doodle Jump because its a short and fun game that I can play every day without spending much time on it. The one game app I use the most is AppBox Pro, It helps me with some everyday troubles like date calculation, translation, unit translator, etc.To learn about new apps that I might like, I check the Appstore’s “Top 25 Apps” every week and I see what’s popular – which usually means it might be something good. I also have an account on a site called Apptizr that gives me suggestions for apps according to the ones I already own. Sometimes, when I am looking, for example, for a Sudoku app I get a bunch of results. I usually choose between the free ones according to the reviews.

The App Store is filled with Apps that I know are not intended for kids my age – with bikini pictures and half naked girls. Some of then get to the top 25 apps sometimes and I have downloaded some of those Apps. But I realized quickly that my parents won’t be pleased if I have porn type apps on my iPod Touch. Not to mention, my sisters use my iPod sometimes and it would be embarassing if my sister saw an x-rated app on my iPod.

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