5 Illegal Things Your Teen Does Online

Most kids are doing things on the Internet that may be considered illegal – or at least things you “should not do”. Here are 5 things, almost every teenager has probably done at some point on the Internet:

  1. Instead of buying computer games, download the game for free using programs like BitTorrent. What is BitTorrent? So if you are a parent reading this, it’s likely you don’t even know. But BitTorrent is the most common p2p protocol for downloading files for free and fast. Ask your kids, they are probably using it to get movies and games for free.
  2. Break into another kid’s Facebook account and write things in their name…
  3. Open groups and fan pages on Facebook for teachers they do not like and post nasty or insulting stuff about the teacher.
  4. Open accounts on adult websites like dating sites and pretend to be older. Anyone can set up a fake profile and then start interacting with other people that use the online dating service.
  5. Open accounts on gift sites such as Lockerz and use Bots and other cheats to accumulate points for getting gifts from the site.

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