Internet Addiction Infographic – A Snapshot of What to Worry About

This infographic about Internet Addiction paints a concise picture of the many issues that we need to be concerned about relating to heavy Internet use. Today, heavy internet users are not the geeks and gamers closed up in their rooms. It’s pretty much all of us — whether it be Continue Reading

Will Internet Addiction Be an Official Mental Illness this Decade?

The updated version of  the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will be out in 2013. Internet Addiction could be added. The DSM-5 is the bible of mental health professionals for making official medical diagnoses of mental illness in its various forms. It has huge ramifications for Continue Reading

5 Illegal Things Your Teen Does Online

Most kids are doing things on the Internet that may be considered illegal – or at least things you “should not do”. Here are 5 things, almost every teenager has probably done at some point on the Internet: Instead of buying computer games, download the game for free using programs Continue Reading

Teenage Confessions: Life Would be Better Without Internet

The Internet is a very big part of my life, and when I imagine life without it, it seems very boring. Without the internet it would be much harder to communicate with friends. I would have to call them or meet them in order to be in touch and make Continue Reading