Not addicted, just rude – mobile phone etiquette

So many people today are wondering if they are addicted to their smartphones, the internet, digital content . . . But even if you are spending A LOT of time online, texting and in front of the computer, you may not necessarily be addicted. You might just need a little lesson in etiquette. Here is a great infographic by @mobilematthews that perfectly summarizes the typical situations that people face on dates and what is polite cellphone use. There is nothing that annoys me more than getting together with a friend and sitting silently watching her talk on her phone or text. Why do the people calling her take priority over me, the one who took time to meet face-to-face? Sometimes, I consider taking out my iPhone, filming us sitting there at the table, each in our own world’s, and sending her the clip via Facebook. Now that would be absurd.

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