Compulsive Gambling – Crime, Murder, Divorce

It’s incredible – EVERY day I read about another crime committed in the name of covering a gambling debt or feeding a gambling habit with cash.

-A Canadian mother steals $17k from the Jewelry store she managed

-A New Zealand man stabs a taxi driver for the amount of cab fair he owed

-A 56 year old Minnesota woman is convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from disabled veterans to support her compulsive gambling problem.

Give me a few more minutes and I’ll find many more similar stories of crimes committed to feed a gambling habit.

These stories are all from this week. Each person is described by those who know them as nice, polite, responsible. None of them had ever been arrested before. All had good jobs and were considered to be responsible. They had succeeded to hide their compulsive behavior from everyone. in fact, the stealing was probably just one more step in keeping the addiction hidden – by using others’ money.

The Internet allows gamblers to remain very discrete. A mother can gamble while her children our at school. An employee can sit at his desk and play online poker without anyone noticing. A husband can stay up a few hours after the family goes to bed and place bets in an Internet casino. Internet gambling is available 24/7. You can do it in your pajamas. You can do it without anyone knowing. Until it’s too late. Why is it legal? Why aren’t there limitations?

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