5 Illegal Things Your Teen Does Online

Most kids are doing things on the Internet that may be considered illegal – or at least things you “should not do”. Here are 5 things, almost every teenager has probably done at some point on the Internet: Instead of buying computer games, download the game for free using programs Continue Reading

Teenage Confessions: Life Would be Better Without Internet

The Internet is a very big part of my life, and when I imagine life without it, it seems very boring. Without the internet it would be much harder to communicate with friends. I would have to call them or meet them in order to be in touch and make Continue Reading

Zynga Poker – A Teenage Sensation on Facebook

Zynga poker  is one of the most popular games on Facebook. When I first started using Facebook about 1 year ago, I immediately noticed that most of my friends were  playing  Texas Hold’m Zynga Poker. I was getting  5 – 10 poker related invites each day. Even though I never played poker Continue Reading