Positive Reinforcement to Cure a Porn Addict

It has become commonly understood among mental health professionals that positive reinforcement is far more effective a technique than negative reinforcement. However, in practice, this can be a very significant challenge. In the case of porn addiction, those involved are at a highly emotionally charged state. The addict is embarassed, Continue Reading

Getting Someone to Accept Help with Porn Addiction

Addiction to pornography may be one of the most problematic addictions to treat. Usually, when someone has a porn addiction, they hide it well. Unlike an alcoholic who the family may actually see drink, by the sheer nature of the addiction, the porn addict is compelled to try to hide Continue Reading

Controlling Time Spent Online

It was not long ago that parents beamed with pride when their children showed enthusiasm and interest in using the computer. There was a sense that it meant that they were bright and advanced.  But all that has come full circle and parents are more and more frustrated and concerned Continue Reading